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The Diversity Committee is looking for volunteers who would like to be identified as part of our "STAR" Program (Searching for Talent Around our Regions). One of the goals for the Diversity Committee is to Select, Train, Advance and Retain quality members. At the time the Diversity Committee was started in 2012 under the direction of then Dean Troy McKinney, the Committee began as a way to recruit women and minorities into our organization. After funding was approved by the Board of Regents, we are now able to provide scholarships to attend our educational programs throughout the year. Special emphasis remains on the selection and recruitment of women and minorities who are committed to high level training, volunteering and working within our NCDD family. Women and minorities bring a wide range of experience, knowledge, wisdom and eclectic working backgrounds to our organization and are known to "think outside the box" because they have been living it in their professional worlds! Are you interested in becoming more involved? If so, please contact Chairperson Virginia Landry at or 949-585-7400.

The Board of Regents approved funding for the Diversity Committee to develop their "STAR" Program, designed to select, train, advance and retain women and minority individuals dedicated to defending those accused of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs. In the past few years, we have successfully increased our women and minority members by searching for and selecting hard working, successful women and men who show compassion, dedication and devotion to their clients. In recognition of their talent and loyalty to the National College for DUI Defense, we also provide financial assistance so that our "STARS" may receive additional training opportunities by attending our educational seminars. Your designation as a STAR allows you to be added to other committee or volunteer work within NCDD. Many of our STAR members might not have been able to afford attending our Winter Session, Mastering Scientific Evidence, Summer Session or Las Vegas seminars without tuition assistance from the Diversity Committee. We welcome you, embrace the unique challenges you face each day in your professional lives, and are here to help you succeed!

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