NCDD to Train Public Defenders in North Carolina

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The National College for DUI Defense, Inc. is proud to announce that on Friday, April 17, 2015 we will be providing a free training for court-appointed attorneys in North Carolina. Dean Emeritus Peter Gerstenzangwill teach attendees how to challenge breath tests. Fellow Les Hulnick will demonstrate how to attack field sobriety tests. Regent Virginia Landry will show attendees how to contest blood test evidence. All three instructors will continue to teach throughout the day, leading breakout sessions where participants will practice cross-examination on the topics covered during the lectures.

The breakout sessions will feature Member Cole Williams (who organized this seminar), North Carolina State Delegate John Fanney, and Member Jimmy McGee as co-leaders, helping participants improve their trial skills. For registration information, please contact Tucker Charns, North Carolina Office of Indigent Defense Services, at

If you are interested in having a public defender training set up in your state, please send me an e-mail at As the Chair of NCDD's Public Defender Education Committee, I would be happy to help organize a seminar.

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