My Summer Session Experience

Posted on January 21, 2019 in Summer Session


It was my pleasure to attend and participate in the National College of DUI Defense Summer Program. There were many familiar faces in the crowd and many renewed friendships. This year I was most impressed with, not only the quality of the program but the increase in the number of women attending. We had the opportunity to gather together for a group photograph, many rows deep and full of accomplished litigators. It was a far cry from my days as a new lawyer.

I came back to California, invigorated, inspired and ready to take on the challenges of being a DUI attorney. I received a "useful nugget" to incorporate in my practice from each speaker as well as one that I announced as "stolen" from one of the new attorneys in a break out session that Paul Burglin and I were leading.

Here's to continuing to learn, appreciating our opportunities and caring for our clients in the best way we can. Lynn Gorelick is a proud member of NCDD, and a DUI Defense specialist from California. She currently serves as a member of NCDD's Faculty.

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