Hero or Harasser ? Hero I Say.

Posted on March 18, 2018 in Uncategorized


Man gets arrested for warning drivers about upcoming speed traps. He is also against how the speed traps are being enforced (cops hiding behind signs and jetting out weaving in and out of traffic to catch the speeders is more dangerous than most of the speeding driving they are pursuing). My two cents: this is a free country, he has a right to protest, and he makes a good point. I realize most cities now earn a necessary part of their administration fees through the traffic ticket fines they collect but this does not make it right. Much like the current national agenda to go create DWIs rather than just pull over the ones that have probable cause for DWI or are involved in accidents, just getting in your car and driving to work has turned into an opportunity for government to exploit us, much like driving a vehicle after drinking a beverage(s). Thomas Jefferson once said, "My reading on history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government."

Traffic tickets on busy roads, especially during rush hour congestion, causes delays, loss of work productivity and unnecessary fear. The Germans and their autobahns seem to have figured that out long ago. It's one thing to set up speed traps when necessity dictates (like country roads where there needs to be lights and public safety is an issue) a whole different thing for the purpose of generating income. Government should go back to being (as Lincoln said) "of the people , FOR the people, and by the people" otherwise what is the difference between democracy and communism or dictatorships ? We need common sense . More power to you Ron Martin. Too many people line up for the communist bread lines and never flinch– you represent what this country is suppose to be about.

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