Going Against the Government's Adminstrative Scheme

Posted on November 23, 2018 in Uncategorized


When decisions are made behind closed doors, it's that much harder to get your hands on the evidence of impropriety in the decision making process. That's what happened with British Columbia's drunk driving scheme. When we finally got the evidence that Administrative Adjudicators were being told how to decide cases, we went to use the evidence for the benefit of our clients. The Government then sued us to force the truth back into the shadows.

Last week we received our decision in BC Supreme Court. It's ground breaking because for the first time we have the evidence of what's been going on in the backroom. We have communication between government officials telling adjudicators how to decide cases for political ends.

For us our 6-year struggle is just getting started. How do the citizens feel when their justice system is put in a secret tribunal with the government pulling the strings?

We've finally got the evidence. You can find out how we got it here: really Big IRP News Coming

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