Florida Bar Association to Recognize NCDD Board Certification Exam

Posted on September 11, 2018 in Board Certification


The National College for DUI Defense, Inc. is pleased to announce that The Florida Bar has approved the NCDD as the sole certifying body for DUI Defense lawyers in Florida seeking board certification in this specialty area of the practice of law. This is truly a welcome announcement for The College as it has been a goal several years in the making. Our application has been the subject of strict scrutiny by the Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization & Education (BLSE), and the NCDD Board Certification Committee has been persistently responding to BLSE inquiries about our certification process. Last week, the NCDD received the wonderful news that our application has been approved. The NCDD is grateful to The Florida Bar Board of Legal Specialization and Education for the hours put in by their staff to learn more about this area of practice and the NCDD's commitment to educating lawyers in this specialty area.

There is great value to the public when the board of our teaching organization is granted the opportunity to recognize those who accel in this area of practice and have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and acumen to provide high-level representation to citizens charged with DUI. Congratulations to the Florida Bar, to the NCDD, but most of all, to the citizens of Florida who now will have the ability to identify lawyers who have been peer-reviewed, tested by written examination, required to defend a case before a three-judge panel, and to document their experience in defending DUI cases. This is a great day for the citizens of Florida!

The NCDD is now recognized in a majority of state bar associations in the United States. The NCDD remains the sole certifying body for lawyers in the specially practice area of DUI Defense now in 26 states and 2 territories. The American Bar Association similarly has vested the NCDD with exclusive authority to grant Board Certification to lawyers who are able to complete the rigorous requirements and examination to achieve board certification. To learn more about our certification program, please visit our website at www.ncdd.com. You can view the Rules Governing Board Certification, review the Application For Board Certification, and even go to the Find A Lawyer section and click on your state to find lawyers who are board certified in DUI Defense.

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