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There's a growing, and I think, necessary, trend for lawyers to specialize/concentrate in a niche area of law, giving clients the most effective and experienced representation for their case. Strong DUI laws and sinister law enforcement techniques require a high level of training and experience in DUI practice.

There is a blueprint for becoming an excellent DUI lawyer.

Just like anything else, it requires effort, discipline and a genuine desire to focus on that area of criminal defense practice. The most effective DUI lawyer is someone who makes the commitment to practice almost exclusively in DUI defense. A lawyer who takes on Divorces and Real Estate Closings and Personal Injury Cases absolutely cannot be doing those things at a high level effectively. A "Jack of all trades, master of none" cannot provide the type of DUI defense these cases require. Even criminal lawyers who defend murders and drug trafficking cases are not necessarily the ones best-suited to take on a DUI case.

A plastic surgeon and a brain surgeon are both skilled doctors, but you wouldn't ask the brain surgeon to perform a face-lift, would you?

The most effective DUI lawyer will attend seminars on DUI practice, join and participate in organizations like the National College for DUI Defense, study scientific literature, frequently speak on DUI-related topics. and stay current on case-law and trends in the practice. That lawyer will know what evidence to gather from the prosecution, the crime labs, the DMV and from the crime scene itself. The most effective DUI lawyer will know what to look for and know where and how to get it.

The most effective DUI lawyer will also stay on top of sentencing and disposition alternatives in their jurisdiction. There is a growing movement for DUI diversion programs, such as the Back On Track Program, in Miami, Florida. Attorneys need to know when that is a preferred option for some clients and how to secure referral.

The most effective DUI lawyer is someone who will charge a good fee for their work. Traffic "ticket defense teams" and volume law practices cannot, and don't, provide the level of attention needed to properly and effectively defend a DUI case. Even law firms with several lawyers ought not hand off their client's cases to whoever is available in court that day.

Most of our clients are otherwise good people who have either made a mistake in judgment or who have been wrongly charged. In either case, the stakes for them are high and a DUI conviction will have long-lasting consequences. They deserve the best built DUI lawyer.

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