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Digital Recordings of the 2021 Summer Session (USB Flash Drive)

Digital Recordings of the 2021 Summer Session (USB Flash Drive)

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Reframing Defensive Theories in Voir DireW. Troy McKinney
Debunking & Defeating Field Sobriety "Tests"Michelle L. Behan
Psychology of Cross-ExaminationPeter Gerstenzang
Myth Busting: Therapeutic Blood Drug Levels & The D.R.E. PupilStefan Rose, M.D.
Boating While Intoxicated: Squashing Seated Sobriety ExcercisesGlen W. Neeley
Blood Testing: Exposing Pre-Analytical ErrorLawrence Koplow
Implied Consent: Confronting a Legal FictionR. Michael Vang
37 Years of DUI Tactics & Tips in 30 MinutesDonald J. Bartell
The Art of PersuasionLetitia Quinones
The Ethical Use of Electronics Technology: Protecting You & Your Clients (ETHICS)Steven Oberman
Most Effective Breath & Blood DefensesJames Nesci
DWI Checkpoints & Legal DefensesSteven W. Hernandez
How to Translate Expert Testimony for a JuryBriteney A. Mercer
Persuasive Themes & Techniques in Cross Examination & Closing ArgumentMichael S. Bowser
Do's & Don'ts for Preseving AppealDonald J. Ramsell
Considerations for Dealing with Military Client's Offpost DUIKevin O'Grady
DUI E.R.-Managing Your Client's Trauma (ETHICS)William K. Kirk
0.05 Per Se Bac: The New Frontier PropagandaJason Schatz
Don't Believe DUI Convictions Cause Permanent Inadmissibility to Canada? It's Trudeau.Marisa Feil
Case Investigations: Winning Stats the Moment You First Speak with Your ClientMichael J. Nichols
DRE Scientific Basis? Doesn't Really ExistJohn Menzel
Sleep Driving: Actus Reus + AutomatismLloyd L. Boyer


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