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Digital Recordings of the 2021 Summer Session (USB Flash Drive)

Digital Recordings of the 2021 Summer Session (USB Flash Drive)

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Reframing Defensive Theories in Voir DireW. Troy McKinney
Debunking & Defeating Field Sobriety "Tests"Michelle L. Behan
Psychology of Cross-ExaminationPeter Gerstenzang
Myth Busting: Therapeutic Blood Drug Levels & The D.R.E. PupilStefan Rose, M.D.
Boating While Intoxicated: Squashing Seated Sobriety ExcercisesGlen W. Neeley
Blood Testing: Exposing Pre-Analytical ErrorLawrence Koplow
Implied Consent: Confronting a Legal FictionR. Michael Vang
37 Years of DUI Tactics & Tips in 30 MinutesDonald J. Bartell
The Art of PersuasionLetitia Quinones
The Ethical Use of Electronics Technology: Protecting You & Your Clients (ETHICS)Steven Oberman
Most Effective Breath & Blood DefensesJames Nesci
DWI Checkpoints & Legal DefensesSteven W. Hernandez
How to Translate Expert Testimony for a JuryBriteney A. Mercer
Persuasive Themes & Techniques in Cross Examination & Closing ArgumentMichael S. Bowser
Do's & Don'ts for Preseving AppealDonald J. Ramsell
Considerations for Dealing with Military Client's Offpost DUIKevin O'Grady
DUI E.R.-Managing Your Client's Trauma (ETHICS)William K. Kirk
0.05 Per Se Bac: The New Frontier PropagandaJason Schatz
Don't Believe DUI Convictions Cause Permanent Inadmissibility to Canada? It's Trudeau.Marisa Feil
Case Investigations: Winning Stats the Moment You First Speak with Your ClientMichael J. Nichols
DRE Scientific Basis? Doesn't Really ExistJohn Menzel
Sleep Driving: Actus Reus + AutomatismLloyd L. Boyer


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I Still Stand With You


By Jonathan Dichter Continuing to Remember What Our Clients Really Need Some years ago, I wrote an article for a Washington State Defense Journal entitled "I Will Stand With You." I have received amazing feedback from it including a local public defense agency making it part of their required reading for new hires. Our world has changed since then - drastically as of...

New York Times Investigation: Breathalyzers are Unreliable Machines and Should Not be Trusted


By Kevin Bennett Breathalyzer devices can be found in every police station in the country. Law enforcement use them as indisputable proof of a driver's blood alcohol level, incorporati0ng them into evidence when prosecuting suspected drunk drivers. However, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest breathalyzers are not a reliable tool when it comes to measuring how intoxicated a...

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