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2014 Winter Session Written Materials (San Diego, CA)

2014 Winter Session Written Materials (San Diego, CA)

Price: $75

  • Peter Gerstenzang: Using SFSTs To Prove Sobriety
  • Doug Murphy: Defending Boating While Intoxicated Cases
  • Joseph P. St. Louis: Tear the Whole Place Down: Challenging Blood Evidence by Challenging the Lab Itself
  • G. Cole Casey: The Business of DUI Defense
  • Christine A. Koehler: Too Much Vermouth in My Martini-And More Serious Bar Complaints
  • Donald J. Bartell: Jury Selection-A Different Approach
  • D. Benjamin Sessions: Maximizing Mouth Alcohol
  • Leonard R. Stamm: The Top 20 Myths of Blood, Breath, and Urine Testing-Revisited
  • Eric H. Sills: Cross of the Arresting Officer
  • James Nesci: Digging Up the DRT


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Can you get a DUI on a Bird or Lime Scooter?


Now that motorized scooters are popping up all over the United States, the question becomes whether you can get a DUI on one? The short answer is depends on where you live. Los Angeles authorities have already obtained a DUI conviction for a person operating a motorized scooter. Looking around the web, it appears that Indiana, Illinois and Colorado residents...

Harsher Penalties for DUIs: How to Travel with a Conviction


Bill C-46 & Its Significant Impact on Canadian AdmissibilityBill C-46 amends the Canadian Criminal Code to create harsher consequences for impaired driving as well as new offences for driving after consuming drugs, particularly marijuana. Approved on June 21, 2018 and in effect December 2018, the Bill also grants police greater powers to test drivers for impairment and increases the maximum...

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