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2003 Winter Session Written Materials (San Antonio, TX)

2003 Winter Session Written Materials (San Antonio, TX)

Price: $75

  • Understanding HGN: The "Eyes" Don't Necessarily Have It
  • Field Sobriety Tests: Not Everyone with "Tanglefoot" is Drunk
  • Pharmacology: Circling the Wagons Against Bad Science
  • Knowing the Ropes of Impeaching Drug Recognition Experts
  • DWI Demonstrative Evidence: A Toys R Us Round-up
  • DWI Evidence Objections & Proffers: Happy Trails & Blind Canyons
  • Breath Testing Defenses: Calling in the Calvary of Real Science
  • Jury Voir Dire & Communication Skills: Avoiding Stampedes
  • Ethics: How to Wear the White hat
  • Cross-Examination: How to Corral the Arresting Officer California & Georgia Style
  • Giving the Winning Closing Argument: How to Tell a Campfire Story
  • The Art of the Opening Statement


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Breathalyzer devices can be found in every police station in the country. Law enforcement use them as indisputable proof of a driver's blood alcohol level, incorporati0ng them into evidence when prosecuting suspected drunk drivers. However, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest breathalyzers are not a reliable tool when it comes to measuring how intoxicated a driver is...

Can you get a DUI on a Bird or Lime Scooter?


Now that motorized scooters are popping up all over the United States, the question becomes whether you can get a DUI on one? The short answer is depends on where you live. Los Angeles authorities have already obtained a DUI conviction for a person operating a motorized scooter. Looking around the web, it appears that Indiana, Illinois and Colorado residents...

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