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2001 Winter Session Written Materials (Kauai,HI)

2001 Winter Session Written Materials (Kauai,HI)

Price: $100

  • J. Gary Trichter – How to Rope Jurors into Your Corral: Tricks from the Ole Trickster
  • Edward L. Fiandach – Wake up and Smell the Kona: What it Costs if You Don't Hire the Best
  • Victor J. Pellegrino – Prosecutors Have Ethics But Don't Know It: Here's What to Teach Them
  • George Bianchi – How to Make the Prosecutor Sing in your Choir: Motions, Motion and More Motions
  • John T. Kirk – The Venue Flytrap: Snagging the Jury Before the Vote
  • Victor W. Carmody – Victoria Has Her Secrets, Victor Has His Toys!
  • J. J. Paul III – Homan and The ABCs of FST
  • Phillip B. Price, Sr. – How to Get Into The Game: Shooting Hoops for the FST Hula Bowl
  • Steven Oberman, Robert Chestney & Lawrence Taylor – Hula College FST Review Board Panel Response
  • Flem K. Whited, III – 15 Most Important Weird, Funny, Best and Worst DUI Cases
  • Charles Sifers – So You Want To Be A State Certified Breath Test Operator an


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I Still Stand With You


By Jonathan Dichter Continuing to Remember What Our Clients Really Need Some years ago, I wrote an article for a Washington State Defense Journal entitled "I Will Stand With You." I have received amazing feedback from it including a local public defense agency making it part of their required reading for new hires. Our world has changed since then - drastically as of...

New York Times Investigation: Breathalyzers are Unreliable Machines and Should Not be Trusted


By Kevin Bennett Breathalyzer devices can be found in every police station in the country. Law enforcement use them as indisputable proof of a driver's blood alcohol level, incorporati0ng them into evidence when prosecuting suspected drunk drivers. However, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest breathalyzers are not a reliable tool when it comes to measuring how intoxicated a...

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