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Mastering Scientific Evidence 2018

NCDD Seminars and Sessions


March 22, 2018 - March 23, 2018

NCDD and TCDLA are proud to announce that the nation’s premier DUI forensic science seminar will once again be held, March 22-23, at the Royal Sonesta on Bourbon Street.

The 25th Annual MSE features nationally renowned experts and lawyers with more than three centuries of combined scientific and practical experience. It includes experts Dr. James T. O’Donnell, Dr. Jimmie Valentine, Dr. Fran Gengo, Ron Moore, and Janie Arvizu. MSE is proud to present NCDD Regents, Fellows, and DWI Defense Board Certified DWI trial lawyers Troy McKinney, Doug Murphy, Mimi Coffey, Mike Hawkins, Lenny Stamm, and Steve Oberman. The jury trial of a challenging blood test case includes experienced, exciting, and innovative trial lawyers Leslie Legrand, Katie Ferrell, Jordan Lewis, and Matt Dodd, with the exclusive live video feed of the jury deliberations and post-trial jury debriefing. The seminar includes the complimentary Bourbon Street Balcony and hospitality room (and the included balcony beads and libations) and the Thursday evening Cajun Seafood buffet reception. Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of MSE, this nation’s premier DUI forensic evidence seminar.

Agenda Day 1 – March 22, 2018

7:30amRegistration and Continental BreakfastRegistration and Continental Breakfast
8:30amOpening RemarksMSE Chairs
8:45amSFST – The Science of PracticalitiesDr. Lance Platt. Texas.
9:30amGas Chromatography – Tarnish or Gold Standard. How It Works and How It Doesn’tDr. Jimmie Valentine. Mississippi.
10:30amBreakMorning Break
10:45amDRE – Defeating DRE with the Studies and RealityDoug Murphy. Texas.
11:30amDean’s Address – Managing Professional ResponsibilitiesNCDD Dean, Mike Hawkins. Georgia.
12:00pmLunch on Your OwnLunch on Your Own
1:15pmExtrapolation – When a BAC is Not a BACDr. Ron Moore. California.
2:15pmDisconnect – Explaining the Unreasonably High BACDr. Fran Gengo. New York.
3:15pmBreakAfternoon Break.
3:30pmPharmacology of Drugs, Alcohol and CombinationsDr. James T. O’Donnell. Illinois.
4:30pmDaubert and Ethical Standards from Both SidesW, Troy McKinney. Texas.
5:30pmReception Feast and FestivitiesFree New Orleans Seafood and Cash Bar at Royal Sonesta.
6:30pmBourbon Street Balcony Hospitality Suite OpensBeads and Booze Provided by TCDLA and NCDD

Agenda Day 2 – March 23, 2018

8:45amChoose Lecture Track or Trial TrackLecture Track: Court Trials – Defensive Strategies and Approaches. Lenny Stamm, MD. Trial Track: Vire Dire – State and Defense. (For the Prosecution: Leslie Legrand, Tx and Katie Ferrell, Tx). (For the Defense: Jordan Lewis, Tx and Matt Dodd, Mt).
9:45amLecture or Trial TrackLecture: 20 Myths of Blood, Breath and Urine Testing. Lenny Stamm, Md. Trial: Opening Statements.
10:15amBreakMorning Break
10:30amLecture or Trial TrackLecture: Breath and Blood Trials Without an Expert. Mike Hawkins, GA. Trial: State Witness. Officer Direct and Cross Examination. (Ofc. Lance Platt).
11:15amLecture or Trial TrackLecture: Laboratory Accreditation, Validation and Uncertainty Measurement. Dr. Janine Arvizu. NM. Trial: State Witness Officer Continues.
12:00pmLunch on Your OwnLunch on Your Own
1:15pmLecture or Trial TrackLecture: Mining for the Gold Standar Issues in Blood Lab Discovery. Janine Arvizu. NM. Trial: State Expert Direct and Cross Examination. (Dr. James T. O’Donnell).
2:30pmLecture or Trial TrackLecture: The ABCs of Walking Down the BAC. Mimi Coffey, Tx. Trial: Defense Expert Direct and Cross Examination. (Dr. Ron Moore, Ca.)
3:30pmBreakAfternoon Break
3:45pmLecture or Trial TrackLecture: Strategies and Approaches to Examinations of Officer and Experts in DWI Trials. Steve Oberman, Tn. Trial: Expert testimony continues.
4:00pmTrial Track OnlyTrial: Jury Charge and Closing Arguments
4:45pmLecture and Trial TrackJury Deliberations in Main Room (.25 ethics).
5:30pmMSE AdjournsSeminar Adjourns
6:00pmBourbon Street Balcony Hospitality Suite OpensBeads and Booze Provided by TCDLA and NCDD


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