NCDD Sessions and Seminars

Upcoming Sessions and Seminars

NCDD Seminars and Sessions

2024 Mastering Scientific Evidence-New Orleans, LA

Mar 21, 2024 - Mar 22, 2024

NCDD and TCDLA is proud to announce that the nation’s premier DUI forensic science seminar will once again be held, March 21-22, 2024, at the Royal Sonesta on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, LA. MSE is the original and preeminent...

NCDD Seminars and Sessions

2024 Summer Session

Jul 11, 2024 - Jul 13, 2024

As lifelong learners, we should be inquisitive and look forward to new and challenging opportunities to increase our knowledge. Let’s learn together as we listen to some of the nation’s top DUI Defenders present on Trials Skills and Techniques.Demonstrations and...

NCDD Seminars and Sessions

Serious Science: Advanced Course in Blood Drug Analysis and Trial Advocacy

Aug 09, 2024 - Aug 14, 2024

The Serious Science Blood Drug Analysis course is designed to combine hard science and trial advocacy. There is no better course on forensic science and trial advocacy in America. We start with hard science, including hands-on work in the Shimadzu Laboratory....


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Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test


By Andy Sotiropoulos ( The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test, commonly referred to as HGN, is in this authors opinion the most discussed and debated field sobriety test of NHTSA's Standardized battery of exercises designed to measure alcohol related driving impairment and/or blood alcohol concentration (BAC). It is the exercise which has been scientifically validated as most accurate by NHTSA and requires...

Discovery Requests in Drug Recognition Expert Cases


By Neil Halttunen In order to be successful in a case involving testimony by a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), you must gather the same materials that were used when the government constructed their case. Use those same materials to deconstruct and destroy the prosecution. A lot of materials go into a DRE case; your mastery of those materials will go a...

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