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Matthew Jay Ruff

Matthew Ruff, DUI Attorney Long Beach, Torrance

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About Matthew Jay Ruff

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Matthew is a Top Tier DUI Attorney in Southern California serving Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Palos Verdes, Hermosa Beach, Venice, Malibu, Long Beach, Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, San Luis Obispo and most other CA cities for nearly 30 YEARS! We also handle cases in Kern County, Lamont and Mojave California.

NHTSA Trained at Instructional Level. DRE Trained. ARIDE Trained. 5 Star Rated by clients on Social Media! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Award Winning! Named “10 Best Attorney” by American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys
Highest Success Rate!

Case Win of the Week! Matthew was successful in obtaining a set aside of a refusal suspension in a North Hollywood DWI case where the client was facing a mandatory 1 year “hard” suspension for failing to submit to a chemical test. Matthew challenged the action and argued the evidence was insufficient to justify a suspension for refusing to take a test. The DMV agreed and dismissed the case against his client. Click this link and see how the Torrance DUI Lawyer won the case.

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With nearly 30 years experience , Matthew has defended thousands of drunk driving cases and DMV Administrative Hearings over the course of his career, many jury trials resulting in acquittal and many motions resulting in dismissal. In addition, Matt is a Top California DMV Hearing Attorney who has successfully defended thousands of DMV suspensions including APS/.08 or more, refusals, commercial driver and under 21 zero tolerance cases.

From Catalina Island to the Antelope Valley, Matthew has fought and won cases in just about every city in Los Angeles County. In order to best serve his clients, he has satellite offices in most major Courts. For example, if you have a case in downtown LA, he covers that Court. If you need a DUI Lawyer in Burbank California , Matt handles that Court. Matt knows the Prosecutor and Judge in just about all Courts in L.A. because of his many years of experience.

Matt has the highest success rate and prides himself in obtaining the best results for his clients. For example, recently he was able to get all charges dismissed for a client facing DUI charges in Redondo Beach California. The dismissal was particularly noteworthy because the client had a prior driving under the influence conviction within 10 years and was facing mandatory jail if convicted.

In another case he was able to get DWI charges dropped in Los Angeles CA for a client arrested with her 4 year old son in the car. She was facing horrific consequences and child endangerment charges in addition to the drunk driving. Matt fought the case and ultimately negotiated a dismissal of all charges and reduction to a lesser offense.

Fighting and winning drunk driving cases has been Matthew’s passion for the last 30 years. As a Top Tier DUI Lawyer, he prides himself of beating cases that many think are impossible to win. In one case Matt was able to convince the DMV hearing officer that the blood results of .30% (that’s nearly 4 times the legal limit) should be thrown out.

In yet another case Matt was called upon to defend a client seeking a Long Beach DUI Attorney after he was arrested and facing a 1 year suspension for refusal to take a chemical test. Matt got a DMV hearing and stopped the suspension and obtained the body-cam evidence which told a different story. He won the DMV hearing and saved his client’s license.

Matt is also extremely knowledgeable in presenting the “rising blood alcohol” defense. This defense is a way to defeat the breath or blood test by accepting the results the state has obtained, but showing the client had a much lower BAC at the time of driving. In one recent Pismo Beach DUI case Matt was successful in winning on this issue for a client facing mandatory 1 year license suspension at the DMV. If you or someone close to you is facing a DUI in San Luis Obispo, Matt can help you as well.

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In California it is also possible to get driving while intoxicated charges reduced to a lower charge called alcohol related reckless driving or “wet reckless”. Recently, Matt was able to get a 2nd offense DUI in Hermosa Beach dropped to a wet reckless and avoid mandatory jail and ignition interlock requirements.

Matt also defends clients facing other criminal charges associated with their drunk driving case. For example, in a recent case he fought and won child endangerment allegations filed alongside the DWI when a client was arrested with her 4 year old child in the car on the 10 Freeway near downtown Los Angeles.

What are the DMV penalties for a DUI in California? First refusal following arrest for driving while intoxicated is a one year hard suspension. If it is simply a DUI without refusal, 6 month suspension OR 30-day suspension with a 11 month restriction for work and classes OR 6 month IID without additional restrictions.

Here are 5 Tips to follow when being investigated for a DUI: 1. Be Courteous. Cops deal with rude people all day long and always appreciate it when a suspect is respectful and courteous. 2. Tell the officer right up front you do not want to participate in any field sobriety tests. These tests are unreliable and should not be taken. Let the officer know if he wants to place you under arrest you will not resist, however if not you are requesting you be able to proceed on your way. 3. If asked about drinking, respond you will provide your drivers license if requested but you are invoking your Constitutional Right to remain silent as to any questions concerning alleged criminal activity. 4. Get out of the car if requested. Officers are allowed to demand a driver exit his vehicle for officer safety reasons. Do so, but politely decline any field sobriety tests or questions pertaining to drinking. 5. If arrested for DUI in California you must submit to a chemical test or risk losing your license for 1 year. I recommend the breath test because it is the easiest to challenge. Advise the officer of any GERD or recent dental work.

Matt also handles cases on Catalina Island, Avalon, where most drunk driving arrests involve a golf cart. If you are looking for a DUI Attorney in Manhattan Beach, Matt is your guy. His office is local and he knows the Judges and the prosecutors. Call Top Rated DUI Attorney, Matthew Ruff today for a free consultation and case review.

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Just this week Matthew was able to get a Long Beach/Catalina DUI refusal case thrown out for a violation of his client’s rights. The DMV hearing officer agreed with Matthew’s argument that his client was stopped unlawfully and without sufficient probable cause. The set aside means the client will not endure the mandatory 1 year suspension that normally comes from refusing a chemical test following an arrest for DWI. This case follows another refusal case Matt beat in Long Beach CA where the DMV agreed the client was not properly admonished pursuant to California law.

Arrested for DUI in Long Beach? You have essentially two options: 1. You can do nothing. You can fail to demand a DMV hearing to save your license, bury your head in the sand and not hire a lawyer right now to protect your precious rights, or; 2. You can hire a local Long Beach DUI Attorney who can secure a formal hearing with the DMV, obtain all relevant police reports, blood tests, breath test results and scrutinize the evidence to determine whether mistakes were made that could result in a return of your drivers license and a dismissal of the charges in Court.

Where are the DMV Hearings Held in Los Angeles County? All DUI arrests that take place in the southern half of LA take place in El Segundo, the other half are held in Van Nuys. These locations are called “Driver Safety Offices”. It is important to know that you only have 10 days to demand a hearing after an arrest for driving under the influence.

What does a DUI Lawyer Cost? It depends on the complexity of the case. Be careful not to go with a lawyer based solely on the cost of his or her fee. A DUI attorney is not a commodity, a more experienced attorney will be more expensive than a less knowledgeable attorney and you should not compare lawyers on cost alone. If you spend more and get someone with more experience the outcome will usually be much better. A experienced, skilled lawyer retainer fee can start at $3500-$5,000. Perhaps the better question is what is the cost of a DUI if I don’t hire an experienced lawyer? The costs can be substantial. For example, the AAA recently reported that a conviction for driving under the influence can cost you as much as $20,000.00 when you factor in the fines, fees, insurance increases and cost of classes and ignition interlock (IID) fees.

I was arrested for DUI in Hermosa Beach, what happens next? First, don’t ignore the DMV notice you were served upon your release (the pink paper). It is important to jump on the DMV hearing, demand a stay of the suspension and not bury your head in the sand. Second, the Court date will be right around the corner so request the discovery which is all the evidence in the case. Matthew is a Hermosa Beach DUI Attorney who can assist with both of these issues and make sure your rights are protected.

I was stopped and arrested for driving under the influence in Palos Verdes, where will I be going to Court? All cases of DUI, DWI and DUID all go to Torrance Court for prosecution. This means you will have to face a Judge in that Court on the criminal charges stemming from the arrest. The same applies for incidents in Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Palos Verdes Estates or any case which falls within the jurisdiction of the South Bay. Matthew handles cases in these cities and has for over 30 years.

I was vacationing in California and arrested for DUI in Manhattan Beach, do I need to fly back to go to Court? No, in many cases Matt can go to Court for you and defend the case on your behalf. This is allowed under 977 of the CA Penal Code and is done quite frequently to avoid the inconvenience of having to travel from out of state for court appearances.

Does Long Beach DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff defend cases outside Los Angeles? Yes, he handles cases in San Luis Obispo and Kern County. For example, just recently his team represented a client driving to Mammoth and was stopped for drunk driving. The client needed a local lawyer and Matt was happy to help. Among the many other cities in the region we cover is that of Signal Hill. This small suburb of Long Beach is known for its oil fields and industrial facilities. If you are arrested and need a Signal Hill DUI Attorney call Matthew.

Visit our other locations:
Santa Monica DUI Attorneys

If you were arrested near LAX Airport for any serious misdemeanor or felony offense we are here to help. All cases originating in El Segundo California are heard in the LAX Airport Courthouse. If you are facing an upcoming hearing and need a El Segundo DUI Attorney Matthew is there for you. He can go to Court on your behalf, saving you precious time and money to travel for a court appearance.

We also serve wine country and inland areas of the central coast communities of California, including anyone looking for a Paso Robles DUI Attorney

What is the punishment in California for driving a commercial vehicle while under the influence? In addition to jail time, the DMV will disqualify any commercial driver if it is determined they drove with .04 or higher while in a big rig, or if they drove any vehicle while at or above .08. The disqualification can be a minimum of one year but can be as long as a lifetime depending on the driver’s record. Our team of advocates defend commercial drivers charged with driving while impaired and other criminal offenses, including anyone looking for a Lamont DUI Attorney

Matthew also defends minors charged with underage DUI. His representation includes aggressive defense of the DMV zero tolerance license suspension and the criminal court charges of either VC23152 or VC23140. If you are looking for an Under 21 DUI Lawyer

If you were arrested in Los Angeles for driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) Matt can help. Matthew has been defending clients charged with impaired driving due to marijuana and other drugs for three decades. Matthew is regarded as one of the best marijuana dui attorneys in Los Angeles because he knows the science and how to beat these cases.

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