Jarom B. Bangerter

Jarom B. Bangerter

Experienced Former Prosecutor Defending DUI

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About Jarom B. Bangerter

After graduating from law school, Jarom Bangerter worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Alaska. During his years of working as a prosecutor, he tried over 50 felony and misdemeanor cases to juries, conducted hundreds of contested evidentiary hearings and handled thousands of cases ranging in severity from driving violations to murder charges. Because of his years as a prosecutor in court, Jarom is able to effectively and aggressively defend clients charged with criminal offenses. He has extensive experience in handling DUI charges, drug offenses, and domestic violence allegations. Jarom has lectured at multiple law-enforcement trainings and has been a guest instructor at the Alaska State Trooper Public Safety Academy in Sitka, Alaska multiple times. He has an experienced approach in working with prosecutors, court staff, judges and probation officers in order to secure the best resolution possible for his clients.

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