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Matthew Marin

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney

Marin and Barrett, Inc.

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Cranston, RI 02920

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About Matthew Marin

Attorney Matthew Marin at Marin and Barrett, Inc. focus their practice on the defense of those individuals facing DUI and drunk driving related charges throughout the State of Rhode Island.

- Drunk Driving Related Charges in Rhode Island
- Criminal Record Removal
- DUI Trials in Rhode Island
- Frequently Asked Questions About RI DUI Charges
- Drunk Driving Penalties in Rhode Island
- Felony DUI Charges in RI
- 1st Offense DUI Charges in RI
- 2nd Offense DUI Charges in RI
- DUI Expungement in Rhode Island
- Chemical Test Refusal Charge
- Rhode Island Conditional Hardship License

General Criminal Offenses:
- Disorderly Conduct Charges in RI
- Suspended License Charges in RI
- Assault Charges in RI
- Embezzlement Charges in RI
- Shoplifting Laws in Rhode Island
- Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Rhode Island
- Vandalism Charges in Rhode Island
- Child Abuse Charges in Rhode Island
- Child Molestation Charges in RI
- Child Pornography Charges in RI
- Reckless Driving Charges in RIv - Fake ID Charges in RI
- Larceny Charges
- Trespassing Charge
- Violation of a Filing
- Federal Child Pornography Charges
- Shoplifting Charges
- Stalking Charges
- Resisting Arrest
- Prostitution Charges
- Obstruction Charges
- Probation Violation
- Pre-Arraignment Conference
- Casino Gaming Crimes
- Possession of a Controlled Substance
- Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance
- Child Enticement Charges
- Sexual Assault Laws
- Violation of a No Contact Order
- First Offense Shoplifting Penalties in RI
- East Greenwich Office Marin and Barrett
- Newport Office Marin and Barrett
- South Kingstown Office Marin and Barrett
- Providence Office Marin and Barrett

Our Attorneys:
- Matthew Marin
- Kensley Barrett
- Nicholas Parrillo

Domestic Violence Related Offenses:
- Domestic Violence Defense
- Domestic Assault Charges in RI
- Domestic Vandalism Charges in RI
- Domestic Disorderly Conduct Charges in RI
- Domestic Strangulation Charges in RI

Marin and Barrett, Inc.:
- Marin and Barrett, Inc.
- Burglary Charges
- Felony Murder Charges
- Arson Charges
- Robbery Charges
- Vandalism Charges
- Expungement Attorney
- Fraud Charges
- Federal Drug Charges
- Federal Criminal Defense Attorney
- DUI Lawyer
- Warwick DUI Attorney
- Assault Charges
- Larceny Charges
- Theft by False Pretenses Charges
- Computer Crimes
- Domestic Violence Charges
- First Degree Murder Charge
- Kidnapping Charges
- Reckless Driving Charges
- Felon in Possession of a Firearm Charges
- Juvenile Criminal Offenses
- Prostitution Charges
- Federal Child Pornography Charges
- Assault on a Person Over 60 Charges
- Federal Coronavirus Fraud Charges
- Federal Healthcare Fraud Charges
- Drug Charges
- Hate Crime Lawyer
- Shoplifting Charges
- Probation Violations
- Newport DUI Lawyer
- Jamestown DUI Lawyer
- Resisting Arrest Charges
- Disorderly Conduct Charges
- College Misconduct Allegations
- Providence DUI Lawyer
- Sex Crimes
- Firearms Charges
- Cranston DUI Lawyer
- Expungement
- Middletown DUI Lawyer
- Theft Charges
- White Collar Crime
- Federal Wire and Mail Fraud Charges
- Traffic Offenses
Personal Injury Cases: - Personal Injury Law Firm
- Off-Road Vehicle Accidents
- 25454a
- Watercraft Injuries
- Golf Cart Accidents
- 26056a
- Commercial Vehicle Cases
- Premises Liability Cases
- 18125a
- 27783a
- Personal Injury Blog
- 44351a
- Satigliptin Injuries
- Public Transportation Cases
- Cycling Injuries
- Emergency Vehicle Accidents
- UPS Accident Injuries
- PI
- Fedex Accident Injuries
- Amazon Accident Injuries
- COVID-19 Update
- 58491a - CAA - CONNPIAL - 54944cvi - Elmiron Lawsuit - SCIL - TRBIL - CONNBUAL - CONNBOAL - CONNSFAL - 23927a - 56607a - aalchs - balchs - baachs - ptachs - calchs - dbl - gcachs - malchs - palchs - saflchs - Commercial Vehicle Cases - Roundup Lawsuit Google Business Listings - CT Personal Injury Lawyers - Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorneys - Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer - Newport Criminal Defense Lawyer - Providence Criminal Defense Lawyer - South Kingstown Criminal Defense Lawyer - Connecticut DUI Attorney - Cranston Office - East Greenwich Office

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