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About Ronnie M. Cole

Ronnie M. Cole received his BBA in 1973 from the University of Georgia and his JD in 1976 from the University Of South Carolina School Of Law. Mr. Cole is a Founding Member and Instructor for the National College of DUI Defense; member of NACDL, IACT and the South Carolina Bar. He is an Instructor for the South Carolina Court Administration for DUI/DUS Training for Magistrates and Municipal Judges. Mr. Cole’s professional training includes: Coordinator of Breathalyzer School for Lawyers; Attending numerous schools on subject of Alcohol Testing; BAC DataMaster Training – 1992; BAC DataMaster Training – 1993; BAC DataMaster Maintenance & Electrical Training – 1993; Indiana University Tests for BAC in Highway Safety Programs: Supervision and Expert Testing – 1994; NHTSA – Standardized Field Sobriety Testing – 1994; BAC DataMaster – Supervisor/Field Maintenance Training Course – 1995; BAC DataMaster Maintenance and Repair – 1997; Instructor 3 day DataMaster Certification Course – June, 1998; Speaker at DataMaster User’s Meeting – 1998 IACT Conference; and Speaker or Moderator in more than 50 seminars dealing with Traffic Law. He has also taught Legal and Judicial Ethics and produced a training video for Judicial Ethics. His publications include South Carolina Radar Defense Manual; South Carolina DUI Defense Manual, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Editions; co-authored “Lack of Bladder Voiding as a Defense in DUI/DWI cases”; co-authored Field Sobriety Tests – Are They Failure-Designed?; lead author of South Carolina Traffic Lawyers’ Tool Kit (1st & 2nd Editions), The South Carolina Collision Investigation Tool Kit 2009, and South Carolina Drug Case Tool Kit (1st & 2nd Editions), lead author and Editor of Handling Traffic Cases in South Carolina (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Editions), South Carolina DUI Arrest? Useful Info revealed That May Help You Defend Your Charges (1st and 2nd Editions), South Carolina Criminal Arrest? Useful Information That May Help You Defend Your Charges, Felony DUI and Felony Boating Under The Influence, What You Need To Know As A Defendant, and co-author of the upcoming Commercial Driver License Tool Kit. Mr. Cole has administered thousands of breath tests including Absorption and Elimination Curves. His practice areas include Criminal Defense, Traffic Violations, Drug Charges and other criminal violations. In addition, he has been interviewed by numerous television stations and newspapers, including USA Today.

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