Micah Huggins:

Our January 2024 NCDD Member in the Spotlight is Micah Huggins of Greensboro, North Carolina. Licensed since 2008, Micah knew in the 5th grade he wanted to become a lawyer. As a young child, he viewed the law as a prestigious call, career, and occupation. Micah began his career in public service—working as a public defender and then with Carolina Legal Services. He opened the Huggins Law Firm in 2015. His favorite thing about being a lawyer is “helping people,” and “public speaking, going to trial, and every part of that.”

His passion and commitment to his practice and his clients has certainly contributed to the Huggins Law Firm becoming a “training ground for future litigators,” with several of his former legal assistants attending law school. His advice for new lawyers? “Stay in your lane, find your niche. Then find a mentor in your niche area of law and perfect that. If you plan to hang your own shingle, get all the mentoring and experience you can beforehand.”

Born in the country town of Brown Summit, North Carolina, Micah has spent most of his life in Guilford County where he is still friends with many of his childhood neighbors today. Micah’s father, a preacher, drove big tractor trailer trucks and delivered food. Later his parents opened a daycare in a low-income community to make a difference. His mother worked in the school system and earned her Doctorate, impressing upon her children the value of education. Other significant influences include John O’Neal, a lawyer who mentored him while at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Dr. Westervelt, who encouraged him to apply for law school at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Micah describes his approach to law, “like every other aspect of my life--meticulous and with excellence. Everything I do I give 100% and approaching the law this way is no different.” His work ethic began at a young age. His first job was working with his uncle on his farm in Eastern North Carolina all summer to earn money for school clothes. He and his brother would suckle tobacco, prime and pack it for sale later in the year. Before becoming an attorney, he also worked at Pizza Hut, as a cashier and bagger at Winn Dixie, and later became certified to work as an after school care provider. For several years, Micah also worked with low-income minorities and started a BOYZ organization to mentor young African American men. The most interesting (non-legal) job sprouted from winning a back-to-school talent show in 1999. His prize was a one-year contract with a top talent agency in North Carolina, a contract which turned into 23 years of professional modeling. Micah has appeared in commercials and jobs for some of the top brands in the world e.g., Belk, Ford, Lowes, United Airlines, among others. Most recently, he published a self-help book titled The Indispensable Element: Six Keys to Lead Yourself to Success in Your Life, Work, and Relationships.

One of Micah’s favorite pastimes is spending time with his beautiful wife of twelve years and their three children (aged 10 and under!). His wife is a certified midwife. Micah volunteers as the assistant coach for his son’s flag football team and has also been honored as “Servant of the Year” at his previous church as a result of his work in the church and the community.

When asked about the National College for DUI Defense, Micah emphasized the “information, presentations, speakers, [and] phenomenal lawyers” are unmatched and credits the organization with instilling a confidence he has never had before. The NCDD is grateful to you, Micah, for your contagious enthusiasm and dedication. Paulo Coehlo said, “When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It’s very simple.” Thank you, Micah, for spreading your positivity to all of us in this challenging field.


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