Andy Sotiropoulos:

The NCDD member in the spotlight is Andy Sotiropoulos of Chicago, Illinois. Andy is a top DUI/DWI lawyer in Chicago. Andy’s parents immigrated to the U.S.A. in 1963 from southern Greece. His dream was to see his son become an attorney. Andy’s father passed in 2000 and remains his inspiration today. His mother was a seamstress.

Andy grew up in Illinois. He graduated from St. Joseph High School, the University of Illinois in Chicago and Touro Law Center in Huntington, New York. Prior to law school he worked as a short order cook, truck driver, fork lift operator and landscaper. In addition to the NCDD, he is a member of NACDL, the Illinois State Bar Association (Traffic Laws Committee), The Society of Kaparelioton (a philanthropic organization from his father’s hometown in Greece), the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association, and is a founding member and on the Board of Directors of the Philotimo Foundation (an organization providing assistance to children afflicted with cancer and their families). Some of Andy’s honors include being an Illinois State Scholar, Illinois Merit Scholar, Dean’s list in high school, college and law school. He graduated law school cum laude while being the President of the Hellenic American Law Students Association and received the Meritorious Service Award. He served as the Chairman of the Chicago Bar Association Traffic Laws Committee.

Andy has been practicing law for 24 years. As Andy describes it “Injustice, in just about any form, doesn’t sit well with me…especially when directed against marginalized segments of our society.” His favorite wins include a .32 and a .28 accident case, and an appellate court reversal on a .14.

Outside of the law, Andy is very busy with soccer and his kids. He describes soccer as the true passion in his life. He played at the high school, collegiate and semi pro-amateur level both in Chicago and New York. He holds a U.S. Soccer Federation “D” coaching license and a National Goalkeeping Coach License. He has refereed over 2,000 USSF sanctioned matches, primarily at the men’s amateur semi-pro level. He also referees high school and the NCAA intercollegiate levels in Illinois and Indiana. He is an avid and lifelong supporter of AEK Athens travelling to see them play both in Athens, Greece and East Rutherford, New Jersey. He is a member of the AEK Fan Club USA headquartered in Astoria, New York. In 2014 he served as Secretary of the Illinois State Soccer Association. He operated his own men’s amateur soccer club (Ethnikos Chicago) from 2013-2020. They won two league titles in some of Chicago’s most ultra-competitive ethnic leagues with quite a few players competing at the collegiate and professional levels also.

Andy has two children. His son is a junior at Indiana University and his daughter is a junior in high school. As Andy puts it, “There is nothing I enjoyed more than watching Tommy pitch for his high school varsity baseball team. There is nothing I currently enjoy more than watching Lia drain three pointers for her varsity girls’ basketball squad.” In addition to sponsoring his children’s teams, as well as his men’s amateur soccer team, he coached both his son and daughter in their sports. Andy is a very busy guy, that still manages to partake of his second passion-the Chicago Cubs, and an occasional fine cigar. Kudos to his longtime girlfriend Georgia Koutsiouris who keeps up with him and provides much joy!

Andy’s approach to law is simple-make a difference in people’s lives. His advice to new lawyers includes: stay humble and grounded, listen before you speak. Find a mentor and pattern yourself after someone that has captured your respect. Put in the commitment and effort, and most importantly- always have your client’s best interests as your foremost priority.

When asked what the NCDD meant to him, he responded “Everything, literally. It is a brother(sister)hood of like-minded people with an unmatched camaraderie. You always know somebody is there for you. There have been quite a few times in my career where the profession has beaten me down literally sapping every ounce of strength from my body, yet I go to one of the seminars and I’m suddenly re-energized. I cannot imagine practicing in this field without being a member.” It is you, Andy Sotiropolous, that we thank. You have been a faithful NCDD member over many years and we all draw inspiration from you. Bruce Lee said “Long term consistency trumps short term intensity.” Your stellar career and wins prove this. Thank you for all you do for justice in your jurisdictions and for the NCDD. We so value you.


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