What You Must Know

You or someone you care about has just been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. This can be a challenging time full of questions and uncertainty. Will I go to jail? Will I lose my driver’s license? What’s going to happen to my car? These and many other questions may be swirling around in your head, and it may be very hard to get clear answers from the government agents you have to deal with. Here are some things that you need to know right away to keep the consequences from being worse than they might otherwise be.

First, alcohol takes time to absorb, and it takes time to dissipate. The same is true for drugs, either prescription, over-the counter, or illicit. You may want to have an independent blood or urine analysis conducted as soon as possible after your release from custody. The results may be able to be used to refute the government’s chemical test results. Blood and/or urine tests may be obtained from your doctor or a private laboratory.

Second, in most states a DUI arrest results in two parallel actions, one by the courts, and one by the Department of Motor Vehicles or its equivalent that issues driver’s licenses. The Driver’s license issuer may seek to suspend or revoke your driver’s license. In most cases you have the right to a hearing to appeal this action, but you must request such a hearing often in a very short period of time. Be sure that you request such a hearing, or have your attorney do so, before the deadline passes. To check on the time limits in your state to request an Administrative Hearing to challange the suspension of your driver’s license please go to DUI LAWS IN YOUR STATE

Third, the consequences for DUI convictions seem to increase with each legislative session. You need someone on your side that is qualified to spot all the issues in your case and can act quickly to protect your interests. Attorneys affiliated with the National College for DUI Defense have the opportunity to receive specialized training to equip them to protect your interests and fight for your rights with every tool that is available. To contact such a qualified attorney in your area, click here.