Mastering DUI Trial Skills I

Jackson, MS

We have all seen it happen! States have been constantly eroding our jury system to the point that many of us face first offense DUI/DWI trials in judge-only jurisdictions. Lately this process of jury denial has spread to second offenses, with some statutory schemes actually reducing DUI/DWI sentences below six months in order to deny the accused a jury trial. Bench trials can catch even seasoned litigators off guard by adjusting their practice from jury to bench trials alone. (How many of us have used the availability of a jury trial to secure a better result for our clients?)  In addition, younger lawyers are now faced with the daunting task of defending their clients in what must feel like a no-win bench trial situation.  The theory is that a bench trial puts the judiciary in the position of knowing and ruling on a case as would the will of the people (jury).

Keep heart, this Masters Program is here in both a timely and necessary manner. We will cater to both those who find themselves faced with bench trials and those who are new to the practice of DUI/DWI litigation. The program will feature experts in the areas of opening/closing statements, breath test science, live drinking subjects, expert witnesses, and the bench trials with drinking subjects, DUI/DWI officers and sitting DUI/DWI judges who will hear your trial to judgment.

This program may count as two hours toward a Masters Degree in Criminal Trial Advocacy and in this inaugural program, 18 hours of CLE. The program is available for registration on the NCDD website and we direct you to Mississippi College School of Law for information about acceptance to the Masters in Criminal Trial Advocacy program.

To register now, please visit:  Mastering DUI Trial Skills.

We look forward to seeing you for the most innovative program of its type available for DUI/DWI bench trials available today!