Serious Science for Serious Lawyers: Advanced Course in Blood Alcohol Analysis & Trial Advocacy

Fort Collins Marriott in Fort Collins, CO

This is the most advanced course available on forensic science, blood alcohol analysis, and trial advocacy. Are you ready for five intensive days of advanced training? The first two days consist of intensive study of forensic blood alcohol analysis, including hands-on participation in an operating forensic laboratory. We are excited to again have the opportunity to work at the Rocky Mountain Laboratory, in Fort Collins; and we are grateful to Dr. Robert Lantz, and Dr. Patricia Sulik for their participation.

The second portion of the course focuses of how to use forensic science in the courtroom. The ability to communicate scientific principles to the jury is a critical skill for the trial lawyer. We will learn how to weave forensic science into the fabric of our case, using small group practice to hone our skills. We are delighted to welcome back our instructors from the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College.  There no more advanced program in the entire nation, sign up today as attendance is limited to 21.  

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