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About Me

Over 15 years of practice have imparted me with one essential reason that people want from their experience in hiring a lawyer.  They want someone to listen to their side of the story. Going through the process, no one seems to want to listen to you.  They have probably treated you like a number that is being prosecuted by a machine.  It almost sounds like a science fiction story.  But its not.  Its what you are going through.  The last thing you need is to have your attorney take your case like it is like every other case.  My office was founded on the principal of putting our selves in the shoes of a first time defendant.  We treat our clients the way we would want to be treated.  How we would expect to be treated.  You will receive a consultation that focuses on your unique experience, while bringing our training and experience having handled hundreds of DWI cases.  In a world of computers, data bases and gas chromatography, there is still a place for visiting the scene of the arrest and seeing things as you the defendant have seen them.  Often getting a hands on view is what triumphs over the machine.

After a client finds someone to listen to their side of the story, they want that person to fight for them.  You don’t hire a lawyer to get you a result, you hire a lawyer to fight for you and make the system listen to you.   My office has the experience to listen to you, find the crucial issues in your case and apply our knowledge and experience to advocate for you. I have attended numerous seminars to learn the arts of field sobriety tests and learning about the Alcotest 7110 and how it can be beat.  My membership with the National College of DUI Defense is a further step in having the foremost education and knowledge in DUI defense. I am also a member of the Association of Criminal Lawyers of New Jersey. I have brought that experience to the municipal and superior courts of New Jersey in trial before judges and jury.

I have been practicing for over 15 years, starting my legal career as an intern in the United States Attorneys Office and also for United States District Court Judge David Trager.  I then litigated scientific matters throughout the United States, appearing Pro Hac Vice in 15 different states as trial counsel.  After gaining my experience with the government and with large national law firms, I opened the Law offices of James A. Abate, where I have successfully advocated for DUI clients since 2008. 

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