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About Me

Headed by former Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles Paul S. Geller, this DUI law firm is well respected by prosecutors and judges throughout southern California. We go through each case we take on with a fine-toothed comb to find any instance of where your rights may have been violated by a law enforcement officer or someone working on your case. You need to be selective about choosing your DUI attorney, making sure the person is well informed about new DUI laws, knowledge of that particular court, and personal attention to your case. Mr. Geller personally handles each and every case in the office. You will not be passed off to someone else with less experience. Personal attention and aggressive defense will be imposed upon each and every case – period.


Because Mr. Geller is known and respected by prosecutors and judges in DUI courts throughout southern California, your case will be properly guided through the system which may result in a lesser sentence and or the possibility to keep your license, notwithstanding the facts of the case. It doesn’t matter how steep or how grave the charges are that you’re facing. Mr. Geller will do everything possible to find a successful defense technique. There is always hope. Do not let other disinterested attorneys tell you that you have no chance to save your license or to fight your case – that simply is not true.


2016 Winter Session Graduate


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