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2001 Summer Session Graduate Mr. Hoover was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1956. He moved to Dallas in 1966 and graduated from Cistercian Preparatory School in 1974. Mr. Hoover received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in History in 1981 from the University of Mississippi. In addition to his history degree, Mr. Hoover also completed pre-med studies in Chemistry and Biology although not receiving degrees for these studies. He received his Juris Doctor degree in 1985 also from the University of Mississippi. He was admitted to the Texas State Bar in 1986. Since graduating from law school, Mr. Hoover has operated his own law office, Christopher N. Hoover, P.C., with emphasis in Criminal Defense. He has concentrated his practice across the North Texas area in Dallas, Collin, Denton and Tarrant counties. Since 1990 he has focused his educational endeavors and practice in defense of persons accused of Driving While Intoxicated and other alcohol related offenses. Beginning 1998, he restricted his practice exclusively to these types of cases. Memberships Founding Member, National College of DUI Defense National Criminal Defense Lawyers Association College of the State Bar of Texas Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association * Board of Directors 2000 Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association * Past Member of the Board of Directors Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association * Past Member of the Board of Directors & Past President 1997 Bar Admissions Supreme Court of the United States of America United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas, Texas United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, New Orleans, Louisiana Texas Supreme Court Advanced Professional Educational Achievements National College of DUI Defense, Advanced DWI Training & Education; 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999; Harvard Law School, Boston This is the most advanced DWI practice course offered to attorneys. It consists of a given factual scenario and each attorney is required to prepare the case for trial. Upon arrival, lectures are given on each area of trial preparation and presentation by the nations leading DWI defense attorneys. The class is then broken into smaller groups in which each student demonstrates his ability and understanding of the lecture topic. After each demonstration, the student is critiqued by a three member panel again composed of the best DWI defense attorneys in the United States. In addition to the legal training, extensive training is given in the areas of science involved with professional DWI defense. Attendees work closely in groups with scientists who explain the most advanced developments in chemical breath testing using the same scientific instruments employed in their home jurisdictions. Certified Field Sobriety Instructor, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration This course is based upon the scientific study conducted by the Southern California Research Institute for DWI Detection and Field Sobriety Exercises. It includes instruction on administration, procedure and evaluation of data collected for the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, One Leg Stand and Walk & Turn tests used by police officers across the United States in identifying potentially intoxicated drivers during traffic detentions. Mr. Hoover is a certified instructor in this course of study. Certified Intoxilyzer 5000 Operator, American Legal Education The Intoxilyzer 5000 is the breath test machine used throughout Texas to test possibly intoxicated persons who have been arrested for DWI and DUI under the current implied consent law. This machine is manufactured by CMI, Incorporated and is the predominant machine in the United States for breath testing by law enforcement personnel. This certification exceeds standards set by the Texas Alcohol Breath Testing Program for Breath Test Operators. In addition to learning how to conduct a valid breath test, this course also teaches the scientific aspects of breath alcohol testing, infrared photo-spectroscopy, the internal workings of the Intoxilyzer 5000, and calibration of the Intoxilyzer 5000 breath test machine. Certified Blood & Urine Alcohol Testing, American Legal Education This course is specifically tailored to study and understand the chemical testing of blood and urine used in intoxication offenses DWI, Intoxication Assault & Intoxication Manslaughter, etc.. It includes extensive study of gas chromatography testing procedure and protocol. This type of testing is widely used in most hospitals and criminal laboratories for blood and urine analysis for the presence and concentration of alcohol and other substances in these body fluids. In addition to gas chromatography, testing kits used by police and paramedics in the field were also explained. Enzymatic blood analysis is another type of blood analysis that is encountered in laboratory testing and covered with this instructional certification. All potential problems in the collection, storage and testing procedures for blood and urine are covered for a proper and thorough defense of these issues at trial. Publications “Cross Examination of the Technical Supervisor�, VOICE for Defense, March 1999 “Handling the Intoxilyzer Supervisor in a DWI Case�, VOICE for the Defense, March 1999 “Spotlight on Chris Hoover�, North Texas Relocation Journal, Tarrant County, Spring Summer 1999 “Spotlight on Chris Hoover�, North Texas Relocation Journal, Collin County, Spring Summer 1998 “Constitutional Implications of DWI�, Voice for the Defense, June 1997 “Constitutional Implications of DWI�, National Law Journal, April 28, 1997 “DWI: A Scapegoat in Wolfs Clothing, Root out Jurors Attitudes on DWI Laws�, The Texas Lawyer, February 17, 1997 “Attorney Christopher N. Hoovers top ten list on how to avoid DWI and have a safe holiday�, Fort Worth, Texas Commercial Recorder, December 31, 1996 Presentations Plano Bar Association; “Top Ten Reasons Why Civil Attorneys Should Not Practice DWI� October 1999 Harris County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association; Cross Examination of the Technical Supervisor of the Intoxilyzer 5000, Fall 1999 Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Annual Advanced Criminal Law Seminar, June 1999 Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, June 1999 Dallas/Tarrant County, Winter DWI Specialty Program, January 1998 and 1999 Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, December 1998 Dallas County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, October 1998 Dallas/Tarrant County, Winter DWI Specialty Program, January 1998 Dallas County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, First Annual DWI Seminar, January 1997 I n addition to the above accomplishments, Mr. Hoover is frequently featured as a speaker to both lay and professional associations concerning the dangers and pitfalls of DWI; how to avoid them and how to defend them. He works closely with SmartStart, Inc., which is a company providing deep lung ignition interlock devices for persons convicted of DWI and released on bond for subsequent DWI arrests. In appropriate cases, he recommends and refers some of his client to appropriate educational and rehabilitational programs throughout the United States for alcohol and other addictive disorders. Mr. Hoover additionally serves as professional consultant in trial preparation and presentation in cases where intoxication is at issue. In this capacity, he assists and actively participates in trial strategy, preparation and proceedings. His office is dedicated to client education and service. Mr. Hoover understands that his clients are unfamiliar with the legal system and how their case will be handled in the bureaucracy of the criminal justice system. All procedure and occurrences are thoroughly explained by him and his knowledgeable staff. Mr. Hoover has developed a Client Handbook that each client receives to refer when questions arise during his representation. This handbook explains all current law regarding DWI as well as detailed discussions of what to expect. Mr. Hoovers law library contains the most complete collection of DWI books and scientific journals in North Texas. He has a collection of trial transcripts of scientific experts and police officers who frequently testify in the North Texas Courts. He has also developed demonstrative exhibits used in trials including, posters, charts, photos and video presentations. The goal of his office is twofold: 1 to provide the most professional and thorough defense of DWI cases and 2 to educate his clients about the legal system and DWI prosecution in an effort to discourage future contacts with law enforcement concerning the inappropriate consumption of alcohol. Mr. Hoover actively works with a variety of rehabilitational and instructional facilities that seek to identify and rehabilitate persons suffering from chemical and/or alcohol dependency. These programs include everything from Alcoholics Anonymous to Intensive In-Patient Care facilities.