Erwin-Taylor Award

The Erwin-Taylor Award is the National College’s highest honor.  it recognizes a lifetime of accomplishments and contributions not only to the National College but to the entire defense community.  The award is not given every year, but rather occasionally.  The list of recipients represent some of the most accomplished and well-recognized DUI defense attorneys in the entire country.   


The Erwin-Taylor Award was first called the Richard E. Erwin Lifetime Achievement Award. It was named after Richard E. Erwin, the author of the first text on defending DUIs. Richard Erwin published the first handbook on how to defend a DUI case in 1963. A public defender for most of his career, he had to create tools and strategies for fighting DUI cases. In 2004, the name changed to the Erwin-Taylor award to also honor Larry Taylor, who was instrumental in the formation of NCDD.  Mr. Taylor also served as one of the first Dean's of NCDD and continues participate in the furtherance of educating defense attorneys nationwide.  Mr. Taylor has since established himself as one of the pre-eminent DUI defense lawyers in the entire nation.  To this day, his treatise  "Defense of Drunk Driving" (Aspen Publishing) co-authored with 2014 Erwin-Taylor recipient Steve Oberman, continues to be the premier treatise nationwide for anyone defending those accused of impaired driving.   

Erwin-Taylor Award Recipients


YearRecipientDean Presenting AwardAward
2000Doug Cowan James Campbell Richard E. Erwin Lifetime Achievement Award
2002Larry TaylorVictor CarmodyRichard E. Erwin Lifetime Achievement Award
2003William HeadGary TrichterRichard E. Erwin Lifetime Achievement Award
2004Name of Award changed to Erwin-Taylor Award

2005James CampbellTommy KirkErwin-Taylor Award
2006J.J. PaulEd FiandachErwin-Taylor Award
2007Tommy KirkLes HulnickErwin-Taylor Award
2009Flem WhitedVic Pellegrino Erwin-Taylor Award
2012Phil Price       George SteinErwin-Taylor Award
2013J. Gary Trichter Troy McKinneyErwin-Taylor Award
2014Leslie F. HulnickPeter GerstenzangErwin-Taylor Award
2014Steve ObermanPeter GerstenzangErwin-Taylor Award