DUI - Drug and Prescription Medication

Were you arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, whether illicit, prescription, or over the counter? Don’t lose hope. There are defenses to these cases. Drugs other than alcohol are metabolized completely differently from alcohol, and the affects of different drug concentrations in the blood is very hard to predict. These facts and others can be used by a qualified attorney to get a proper resolution to your case. Take certain sleeping medications for example. Some sleep aids have been shown to cause amnesia like symptoms where people taking these medications engage in activities while asleep that they do not remember when awake, such as eating or driving a car. You may have a defense in that you never formed a conscious intent to drive your car. Attorneys affiliated with the National College for DUI Defense have the opportunity to receive training in exploiting these and other such defenses in Driving Under the Influence of Drug cases. To find such a qualified attorney in your area,  Click here.