Board Certification. What You Need to Think About

Steve Oberman was one of the forefathers of our NCDD Board Certification Process and remains integral to its yearly success.  Never shy to comment, here’s what Steve Oberman wants YOU to think about:



“You Should NOT Become Board Certified as a DUI Defense Specialist if you don’t want to:


Receive additional respect from judges and your peers;

Become a better lawyer;

Be recognized for your accomplishments by the NCDD, the media and others;

Want more clients to retain you;

Charge the fees Board Certified lawyers can demand.


Board certification is far from an easy process, but it is attainable and the Board Certification Committee of the NCDD is here to assist you—whether you are a member of the NCDD or not. You may become the first or join other lawyers in your state to become Board Certified, but why not make this a priority in your professional life?


At the very least, take 10 minutes to contact someone who is Board Certified. Ask about the qualifications. Ask whether they have regretted preparing for the exam or working to achieve this designation. Check out our rules right here.


I assure you that you will not regret it.”


Steve Oberman is Board Certified by NCDD, Past Dean of NCDD and Past Chair of the Board Certification Committee.  Learn more about Steve right here.  To learn more about the only ABA approved Board Certification Exam in the area of DUI defense, click here.